“My daughter just started playing golf 6 months ago.  Brendan Doyle has been her pro since day 1.  He is very professional and passionate about teaching.  His deft touch in engaging my daughter and making golf fun for her has produced wonderful results in a very short time. Brendan believes in building a solid technical foundation which we could not agree more.  Having a good foundation and consistency will pay dividends in the long run.  We are extremely pleased with how this is working out for our daughter.  She enjoys the game and looks forward to her lesson time with Brendan."

Dr. Horner Chen, Father of 11 year old golfer

“Coach Doyle’s passion knows no limits…whether it takes one hour,  two, or ten,  he has always been willing to give his time, energy and focus to helping my golfers achieve their maximum potential. This dedication stems from an ability to listen and connect with all individuals, and develop a personal relationship that will help them achieve their maximum potential as a golfer…and as a person. I would recommend Coach Doyle to any of my golfers, and encourage them to spend time with this remarkable teacher and mentor."

Christine Vlaming, Head Coach Fremd Girl's Golf

"Brendan has been my coach for about 6 years. For the first two years he was my personal trainer and he really got me into shape and about two years into my training with him I told him that I wanted to pursue golf as a sport. Freshman year when he began giving me golf lessons I was around a 30 or 40 handicap, but by the beginning of my senior year by his coaching he was able to bring it down to around 10 handicap.

The techniques that Brendan uses to teach golf is really what makes him an outstanding Golf Coach. He always is giving me drills that help my golf game. He analyzes the shot on video and by doing this he was able to tweak my swing so that I was able to hit the ball more purely. One time it was the day before a tournament and I couldn’t do this chip shot and Brendan wouldn’t let me leave until I was able to do the shot correctly and this was really encouraging for my coach to have so much focus on me.

Another event during my time with Brendan we were able to put together a day camp for underprivileged kids to come to the Hilldale Golf course and teach them golf. This event went so well and we wanted these kids to continue to play golf so we got a bunch of clubs donated to give to these underprivileged kids to keep. This day golf camp has definitely been one of the highlights of my time working with Brendan. He spent many hours helping me complete this project and putting it together and this is why Brendan is a standout Golf Coach. His devotion to his athletes is unbelievable; he is always putting them first. This is what makes Brendan an unbelievable coach."

Jonathan Sheyka

"My daughter started group golf classes when she was 4 years old, in 2014.  The classes were designed to introduce the basic concepts and the etiquette of golf.   She had fun but the instructors were babysitting the kids rather than actually teaching.  At the end of the 2014 summer, I tried out multiple instructors but finally found the right match with Brendan Doyle.  Just after the first class, I remember my daughter saying, “They never taught me any of that…” and proceeded to go on and on about everything she learned.  Her excitement was the moment I realized that we found the right coach.

Brendan’s patience and unique way of keeping the lessons fun, keeps my daughter interested and focused, for the full hour….   Now 6-8 classes later, my daughter still loves her sessions with Brendan so much we are continuing classes through the winter.  I managed to play a 9 hole with her before the season ended and to see how well she has improved and the complements she receives from strangers out on the course is a testament to how good of a coach Brendan is.

My only regrets are that I wish I signed her up earlier and the fear she may beat me sooner than later…."

Lee Astete, Father of 5 year old golfer

"Brendan Doyle has an encyclopedic knowledge of the game of golf, and, moreover, he knows how to impart that knowledge in his teaching of the game.  He is, of course, a wonderful golfer in his own right, having won the Illinois/Wisconsin Coaching Pro Championship in 2013 and 2014.

He has also shot a 63 at Cog Hill # 4, where the course record is 62 held by Tiger Woods in his prime, and where the Western Open has been held for many years.  He has been helping me with my golf game for two years. He has taken my game to another level by focusing on my swing mechanics and stance---basic fundamentals and bad habits that had been years in the making.  I am 75 by the way.  During these lesson he has been very kind and empathetic and encouraging----just what I needed.

Brendan has also been my personal trainer for four years.  He has helped me a great deal with fitness, strength, flexibility and endurance.  To sum up: great guy, superior teacher, imbued with humanity and empathy."

Paul Saxton, over 65 years of golf experience

"In less then than one year Brendan has developed my son Brandon from a casual golfer to being competitive in tournament play with a sixth place finish at the Elementary School Championship.   Brendan's message is simple and genuine.  He continues to empathize the fundamentals and makes sure my son is mentally ready each round he plays.  We trust Brendan has the best interest at heart for Brandon's continued growth."

Tom Dorans, Father of All-State Golfer

"I just want to give a shout out to Brendan.

As you know I have asthma. In addition, there have been other health related issues with my lungs that reduce my capacity to oxygenate my blood.  As a result, I get shortness of breath and dizzy. And, for the record, none of which was caused by any of my bad decisions to disrespect my body. Rather, it had everything to do with 2 chain-smoking parents that couldn’t quit their addition, even when I said it hurts my breathing.  My father quit and lives a very healthy-active life, my mother did not quit and died of lung cancer before my daughter was born.

Anyway, as a child, I sat out of gym class more than I would have liked and you can imagine the taunting I got.  In my teens, I began jogging and grew an endurance I never had before.  Nothing for the record books, usually in the last 25% of my age group but I still was able to finish a 10K. A small feat unless you consider that I could not catch the bus because I would go into a full blown asthma attack running a short 2 blocks. And, considering I spent many nights in a hospital oxygen tent all wound up on drugs including Primatene Mist, a fast acting bronchial dilator.  I hated taking it since it made my heart race and my head spin. This was a medicine that was put behind the counter because apparently some kids liked the feeling and would go into a fatal cardiac arrest.

Then, 2 years ago, after finishing a small triathlon, I noticed my symptoms were moving back towards my younger years.  I was waking up at night struggling to breath. I was taking my inhaler a few times a day.  That’s when I went through more tests.  At the pulmonary testing lab, I was the first adult case of exercise-induced asthma my pulmonary technician had seen in her 11 years of working there. She called the doctor immediately and he came into the office (on his off-day although the plan was to meet him at a later date), he wanted me to wait to see him.  He read my results and diagnosed my problems.  I felt so defeated. So depressed.  Back to my weak past. I was prescribed the strongest steroid to be taken twice a day for the rest of my life.  My workouts moved towards biking and other aerobic classes at Good Sheppard.

Then, in the fall, I met Brendan.  I really struggled at first.  I kept both memberships since I didn’t think I was capable of ever getting strong enough to keep up.  What drove me to keep coming was:

  • Brendan’s drive to challenge us
  • Brendan’s belief that we are capable of more
  • Brendan’s shout-outs to his star students making us drive to receive the same praise
  • Brendan’s constantly changing routine that not only keeps our muscles confused but keeps our boredom to a minimum
  • Brendan’s serious attitude towards our goals – even though we are not his star-athletes competing towards a scholarship, he still treats us like we are

All these things make me look forward to coming each time, typically 3 times a week.

The real reason I am writing is, as a result of all of Brendan’s efforts, I feel stronger than ever.  I am faster than I ever was even though my distance does not match the team’s, it beats my personal goal.  And, with all of Brendan’s work, I have pulled back on my medicines (with my doctor’s approval).  I take my inhaler only when I need it. I take it maybe a few time a month vs. twice a day. (Keep in mind that although the medicines keep me alive, they also increase my risks of asthma-related deaths due to their increased risk of heart attacks and increased risks of pneumonia).

A side note to Brendan, if I am holding my head, I am dizzy from my racing heart.  The drugs make my heart race as well and cause me dizziness.  My goal is 2/3s what you tell us although I always try for 100%. If I need to slow down, I slow down. If I need to stop, I stop.  But, even though it looks like I am defeated, I am not.  You have raised the bar for me.  I do not feel like the frail child that I once was.  I don’t feel defeated any more. Instead, I feel strong. I know I am doing more than most of the people my age and definitely more than the people who share my lung diseases.  I am so glad to have found you and wanted to thank you for all you have done for me.  I wanted it in writing so you know how truly grateful I am. This is a long letter but hopefully tells the story of what you have done for me.  It tells you I hate feeling weak and defeated and because of you, I feel I am at my best and getting better each day.  Put this in your portfolio of accomplishments because you have changed my life for the better and you should be proud of that."

Thank you

Leslie Conduitt

"Over the last year and a half, Brendan has greatly improved my athletic performance. He has educated me on the importance of eating a well balanced diet, and has made me very successful in the sports that I participate in.  Since working with Brendan, I have become one of the top players on my teams."

Ryan, 9th grade golf, football and baseball

"I have worked with Brendan for almost two years and he has made me a much better athlete. He knows just about everything that I need to work on and pushes me to do my best all of the time to make me a best athlete I can be. He is an awesome coach and he is funny and enjoyable to be around."

Tyler, 8th grade golf, football, baseball

"I approached Brendan and asked if he would be willing to work with my son, at the time a high school freshman, to help develop his athletic abilities. It has been six years and I've watched my son grow into a top competitor in a Division I sport. I attribute a great deal of my son's success to the program and work he and Brendan have done over these last years. The level of knowledge and commitment that Brendan brings to working with athletes is unmatched. I am grateful for the interest Brendan has taken in my son's success and whenever he is in town he always makes a point to train with Brendan to fine tune his workout."

Barb Strauss, Mother of Division I Athlete

"Brendan gives the best golf instruction I have ever had, hands down.  He puts the bio-mechanics of the of the golf swing into terms I can understand.  This has allowed me to not only understand my own mechanics but also to ‘fix’ my game on the course when things begin to unravel.  He has helped me to break the 90 barrier that I have struggled with for years and I am enjoying the game so much more now."

Paula Hoerner, 12 handicap and fitness enthusiast

Victory on the course, field or court is won during practice and in the gym.  Brendan understands that winning is the product of developing both mental and physical strength with strong fundamentals and a solid nutritional foundation .  In season or off season, he creates an individualized strategy that progressively pushes your limits, builds your confidence and prepares you for competition. Because of his high school, college and professional athletic experience he knows how the programs work and how to communicate effectively with both youths and adults.

Patrick Preissing, Father of 3 juniors, ages 11-14

Our son has been taking golf lessons with Brendan Doyle. We are truly impressed with his enthusiasm and deep knowledge of the sport. As a golf  instructor you can tell he really cares about his students. He personalizes his instructions according to each student's needs. He not only teaches you the fundamentals but he also teaches you the art of the game. He has a gift of being able to articulate his knowledge and skills.
Our son has developed great enjoyment for golf because of Brendan's unrelenting dedication and passion for the sport.  He takes pride and ownership in everything he does and for that he has our highest recommendation as a professional golf instructor.

Lalaine Linderman

Brendan has been, simply said, sensational.  I have a 9 year and 7 year old and I was recommended to Brendan by another father.  My kids had never played golf and when watching on TV, they didn't seem very interested.  I called Brendan and set up some lessons for my kids, and now they have been taking lessons for over 10 weeks.  Brendan is so patient with the kids, very encouraging and more than anything, keeps every lesson very fun.  The kids stay engaged and have improved their skill dramatically.  They have learned about the clubs and actually played on holes.  I highly recommend Brendan for this prestigious acknowledgment.
 Hiten Gardi

Congratulations to Brendan Doyle on his nomination for the top 100 golf pros in Illinois. We strongly believe Brendan deserves this recognition for his incredible work with his local youth golf program and more specifically for what he has done for my teenage daughter. In a little bit over a year and a half, he has turned my daughter from a complete novice who has never played golf before to a confident, passionate, eager and technically solid and consistent golfer who recently placed 23rd in the IESA State tournament. This is a testament to the impact Brendan has in developing our next generation of young golfers. His technical expertise, vast knowledge of the game, creative style of teaching, unwavering confidence, tremendous patient and great rapport provides a complete package for my daughter as well as many of our local kids. He truly deserves to be honored and recognized. He earned it with consistent hard work and unrelenting enthusiasm. Rosemary and Horner Chen Barrington, Il

When I think of Brendan Doyle the words, encouraging, fun, smart, successful and goal oriented coach come to mind.  The experience and bond that my son had working out with Brendan for 2x a week for the past four years speaks volumes about the way Brendan helped to transform Charlie's self esteem and ability to be a stronger person both mentally and physically.  Brendan's commitment to Charlie as a person and client was an experience that one can only get due to Brendan's commitment to his profession.

Linda Wilson

I met Brendan Doyle at a group clinic with 10 other golfers this past March. It was immediately obvious Brendan was an excellent golf instructor by his ability to connect with each golfer, while still keeping the group engaged. Brendan was exactly the type of instructor I wanted for ABA Golf - a new project at the American Bar Association. Brendan was eager to help me with the project and even offered to hold clinics, write articles, and provide video instructions to for the ABA Golf website.

I also asked Brendan to coach my son, Steven. Steven was trying out for his college golf team and wanted to improve his score. Brendan gave Steven an open invitation to stop by the course any time. He gave Steven a few quick lessons that improved his swing, his confidence, and helped him on improving his overall game. Brendan enjoys coaching young adults and kids and it shows through each of his students' success and growth in the game of golf.

Lee Swanson, Director of ABA Leisure

My daughter started group golf classes when she was 4 years old, in 2014.  The classes were designed to introduce the basic concepts and the etiquette of golf.   She had fun but the instructors were babysitting the kids rather than actually teaching.  At the end of the 2014 summer, I tried out multiple instructors but finally found the perfect match with Brendan Doyle.  I remember after her first class, my daughter saying, “They never taught me any of that…” and proceeded to go on and on about everything she learned.  Her excitement was the moment I realized that we found the right coach.
Brendan’s patience and unique way of keeping the lessons fun, keeps my daughter interested and focused, for the full hour.   It has now been a full year under Brendan's coaching and my daughter is in love with golf more than ever, so much that she asked to start playing tournaments.  I managed to sneak her into the Drive, Chip, and Putt tournament 7-9 group where she competed with girls 2-3 years older than her (6).  She managed to finish in 3rd overall in the pre-qualifying rounds (1st in Chip, 2nd Drive) and 5th in the sub-regional. I was proud to see how well she competed and the complements she receives from strangers out on the course is a testament to how good of a coach Brendan really is.  Coach Doyle is a great coach teaching all the golf fundamentals, to my daughter but what makes him a phenomenal coach is teaching my daughter and I to love this game.
Lee Astete

"Brendan Doyle is in my opinion in one of the most knowledgeable teacher’s in the game today. He brings a level of enthusiasm to kids which is second to none. His desire to make each kid better is at the core of his instruction.  He runs the program at a high level of engagement and continues to build upon core skill sets that develop with time and training.  His high energy level and attention to detail has helped take my son from not being able to swing a club to now understanding the sport to wanting to play everyday.”  Ralph Cantal, father of 7 yr. old golfer

I started with Brendan as a senior golfer, with  many years of experience in manufacturing golf swings around my established swing faults.  Brendan was able to identify and communicate which swing faults were the important faults to concentrate on correcting
and how to work with drills to achieve a swing change.  Beyonder the technical knowledge of fitting the golfer and appropriate swing changes together, Brendan's teaching method is flexible enough to work with junior golfers , recreational  golfers, competitive golfers and seniors.  He demonstrates a positive attitude that helps encourage and drive his students to seek the golfing success that they are capable of achieving.  But, what makes an instructor a top 100 instructor, it goes beyond the practice range and the course, it's being a resource, a volunteer, a role model to his students and to his community.
George Allendorf

Brendan is a great instructor with many unique attributes. The 3 that stand out for me are his communication, technical prowess, and passion for golf.
Communication is one of Brendan's strengths because he keeps this complex game really really simple. While some coaches get the student all confused talking only about angles and arcs, Brendan prioritizes on the enjoyment and appreciation of the sport and communicates complex technical aspects in a very simple way that is easy to retain and implement.
Brendan's communication skills are even more appreciable given his command of the technical aspects. All he needs with me are 2 practice swings to determine my technical flaws. He has deep knowledge of golf, which helps the students understand this sport better.
Lastly, he seems extremely passionate about golf and has  talked history of the sport with me. You can tell he cares about golf.
To sum it up, I think you can't go wrong with Brendan. You're in safe hands working with him.
Raj Prakash

I have played Golf for over 40 years and met many Golf professionals and instructors. I was struggling with my game this past summer and reached out to Brendan for help. I found him to be very compassionate for the game and very understanding of my struggles. He was the most patient instructor I have had and truly cares if my game improves. Brendan is constantly learning about the Golf swing so he can pass down techniques to his players. I have seen him work with young players and he has a great connection with them too! He teaches them to love the game of Golf. Overall, Brendan Doyle has my nomination for a top 100 instructor and has made me love to play Golf again!

Brice Z

I would like to tell you a little bit about my experience with Brendan Doyle, he has coached my twin boys for the past three years and recently began teaching my two younger daughters golf.  Brendan has a wonderful way about him. He is very patient with the children and he teaches them in a fun way where they learn all the fundamentals of golf.   Colin loves how descriptive his instruction is and how he has the kids master each step before they move on.  He doesn't mind reteaching anything and models golf swings and even videos the kids so that they can see themselves.  I also like that he teaches the basics of golf etiquette, being respectful of other golfers, how to dress and take care of their clubs.  He is a good role model and a wonderful person to work with.

Jen Martin

I have had the privilege of knowing Brendon Doyle for the past 5 years - Above everything else; Brendon is a loving father, a fantastic husband, and a great friend.   As a golf instructor, Brendon is EXCELLENT!  He possesses all of the leadership qualities any great teacher would have; Brendon is patient, caring, and knowledgeable, but what separates him as a coach is his intense passion and unwavering commitment to success.  Brendon Doyle - a true student of the game, and hands down the best teaching pro around.

Thomas Pagliaro, 9 handicap

The first time I worked with Brendan was back in 2012 when I first started golfing. I couldn't hit the the ball off the ground consistently with my irons and my drive went 100 yards forward and 250 yards to the right. I couldn't putt at all any my only positive I had that Brendan made sure to use as a positive was my wedge game. He pointed out that because I had a natural wedge game that is true golf potential.

Brendan quickly got my drive straightened out as well as my irons off the ground and going the proper distance.

I took 2013-2014 off from golf and at the start of this summer called Brendan and said I want to be considered a low handicap golfer. I was currently shooting around 110 after my 2 years off. Brendan quickly got me shooting back in the low 90s with in a month and after 3-4 months I am shooting. Between 79-84 consistently. I also won the longest drive at a golf outing where I was competing against pretty low handicap golfers.

When you work with Doyle his respect for the game and passion for helping golfers achieve whatever goals they have really shows. He is not just a swing coach he truly teaches every aspect of the game.

Bottom line Brendan is one of the best coaches I've had in any sport.

Sean Easton, Div I Baseball

Brendan has been my golf swing coach this 2015 season.  His coaching and guidance have been invaluable to my success this season.
With Brendan's training and support, I became the 2015 JV MSL champion with the lowest score in MSL Conference. I shot 82. I was first out of nearly 100 competitors.
Brendan is not only a great coach, he is also a caring person.  Brendan always responded with helpful advice in a timely fashion which was invaluable throughout the season.  He wanted to make sure I had the tools I needed to play the game.
Thank you for everything Brendan!
Pierce Allord, future NCAA Golfer