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Golf is a beautiful game played on some of the most picturesque landscapes in the world; an obsession, passion and eternal gift to all of us true golfers! For my clients and me, the single most important rule in golf is to have FUN!  We strive to always play for the love of the game and  to challenge ourselves.  Golf is a competitive sport that tests the body, mind and soul like nothing else..guaranteed!  It can be extremely rewarding if we follow a process, and mind-boggling frustrating if we lack direction. In all sports, athletes have identifiable goals/objectives and coaches to get them there.  Golf is no different, we need a coach.  Golfers as athletes need to understand to focus on getting the lowest score however possible, that’s all that matters in the end and on the scorecard, and it is really FUN when we go low, find a coach that can get  you there .

Your swing is yours with it’s very own footprints, and no two swings are exactly alike.  Golf is not about having the most beautiful swing; its about having your own swing that can be replicated time and time again under pressure.  That being said, the only way to have an easily replicated swing is to have sound fundamentals!

Once the fundamentals (Grip, Posture, Ball Position, Alignment) are instilled and MASTERED!!!!  The swing bio-mechanics will be taught:

  1. Proper take away activated by the core, without over-activating the hands, an upper body “Doyle Coil” that brings the left shoulder down and around and the right shoulder up and away.  “Stretch the rubber band!”
  2. Creating Power and Torque with the Stability of the Right Knee.
  3. Forearm rotation and right arm setting, external rotation of the upper right arm to set hands properly at the top of the backswing.
  4. Proper sequence of the wrist hinge and set, and club head release prior to and post impact
  5. Timing of the lower body transition and footwork, learning that the lower body goes right of your target, knee separation
  6. Creating Lag for Power and understanding shaft lean at impact, getting the hands to the left foot at impact
  7. Balanced finish and proper hand and arm placement

At this point I am no longer just a swing instructor, but a golf coach focusing on all aspects of the game. Devoting equal amounts of attention to both the physical and mental aspects of the game, I instill total confidence in my students as we develop a solid game they can trust and even stronger mental process.  Through strategic hard work, process-oriented learning, knowledge and understanding of the sport, success is automatic.

My core philosophy on lower scoring consists of 3 main components:

  1. The ability to successfully get off the tee (driver, 3 wood, hybrid, or iron) long and straight.
  2. A mastery of the short game (pitching, chipping, putting).
  3. Ballstriking; Greens in Regulation (12 GIR = 71 avg. score, 8 GIR = 79 avg., 4 GIR= 87 avg.)

My students implore a 2:1 ratio of short game to ball striking in their practice sessions, with trajectory control constantly stressed as well.  Proper practice is crucial, but I also firmly believe that the best players in the world play more than they practice.  All of my golfers will participate in playing lessons as well to fully understand how to score, how to handle themselves under pressure, and more importantly to have some fun!

With their mastery of the short game and driving the ball long and in play, my students will play confident aggressive golf with lots of birdies and lower scores guaranteed.

Contact me today and start playing better golf tomorrow!

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