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Brendan Doyle is an Arlington Heights, Illinois native with a life-long passion for playing and coaching sports.  With hard work, determination and a focus on juniors and golfers of all ages, Brendan has built one of the top golf academies in the country.  He feels that a strong grasp of the fundamentals, hard work, and confidence are the building blocks to being successful at any sport.  Brendan firmly believes that constant encouragement will benefit golfers and athletes much more effectively than negative reinforcement.

Brendan has been competing in golf, football, baseball, basketball, tennis and track since he was 5 years old and played throughout high school and college. In high school Brendan was named a two year all-state quarterback and earned a scholarship to the United States Air Force Academy and later to Northern Illinois University where he competed as a quarterback, receiver, and punt returner.  After his football career was over, Brendan began focusing on his true passions: golf and coaching.

Brendan’s teaching influences stem from his time under the tutelage of Golf Hall of Fame instructors of the Legendary Bob Toski.  His coaching is also greatly impacted from the direct result of playing football for and being mentored by the likes of Fisher DeBerry (Air Force Academy) and disciples of the iconic Bo Schembechler and the “Cradle of coaches.”

His love for golf and his ability to share his vast knowledge and athletic experiences with others has helped countless golfers to succeed in lowering their scores while honing in on their skills.

If you love golf or know someone who could benefit from the knowledge and experience Brendan can share please contact us today.

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